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For Customers

Where can I ship my order to?

We currently ship to any home, apartment, condo or office address in the state of New York and will be expanding soon. Someone 21+ must be there to sign for the beer when it arrives, so please make sure you are home or you are sending it to somewhere with an adult around like an office or to your doorman.

Please be sure to enter the correct shipping code (when prompted in the cart page, prior to entering your shipping address). Incorrect shipping zip codes entered at checkout may cause delay in shipping. Please note that TapRm is not responsible for transit delays caused by incorrect shipment information.

Can I pick-up my order somewhere?

Yes! If you live in the New York City Area, you can select the option to pick up your order from the TapRm Cold Beer Store at 284 Flushing Avenue (across from the Brooklyn Navy Yard) at any time the store is open:

Monday - Sunday: 1 - 7pm

What are your standard delivery charges?

If you spend over $50, delivery is free to anywhere in New York. If your order is under $50, a shipping charge of $4.99 will be applied.

How long does the beer take to arrive?

We will email you a notification once your order is out for delivery. Depending on your shipping address, your order will arrive within 1-8 days.

What if I want the beer delivered now?

If you live in Brooklyn or Queens, most customers can select to have their beer delivered as soon as possible during store hours or select a 2 hour window for your beer to arrive.

Also, you may find many of our products available on Drizly and Minibar.

How can I see the status of my order?

We will send you notification that your order has been processed once fulfilled. You can always check the status of your order by clicking the "View My Order" link in your order confirmation email. 

Do I need to be 21 years or over?

Yes, we take that very seriously. To order, you must be 21+.  You must present a valid form of ID showing that you are 21+ for your order to be released upon delivery.

Do you have safety guidelines that I can follow when receiving my order?

TapRm recommends taking the following steps when receiving your package in order to ensure the safest interaction possible:

  • Wear a mask the whole time when accepting your order
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from the delivery person for as much of the interaction as possible.
  • Use your own pen to sign for your package
  • Hold onto your ID or use a disinfectant wipe during the verification process
  • Wear disposable gloves 
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer right after accepting your delivery

 If I am not home when the order arrives, what happens?

Our logistics partner will attempt delivery and if someone 21+ is not there, the carrier will return the package to us. You may be charged an additional $15 re-service fee for a delivery reattempt. We strongly advise sending your order somewhere that someone 21+ will be at all times like an office or a building with a doorman. If you do not think you will be home to receive the order, please reach out to immediately. Please understand that quite a bit of work goes into the preparation and shipment of each order. In the event that the re-service fee is applied, we truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

I need to amend my order, how do I let you know?

Our amazing fulfillment team is super quick at processing orders so if yours needs to edited, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing If you have placed an order that you'd like to cancel, please email immediately. Please note that orders may only be cancelled within 1 hour from the time the order was placed.

When should I contact TapRm Customer Experience?

Our entire team of beer aficionados goes out of their way to ensure our customers receive the highest quality of products possible. That being said, if you ever feel that your order does not meet our expected quality standards, please let us know as soon as possible so we can assist in resolving the issue. Please note that our policy requires all damages or missing items be reported to our team within 7 days of receiving your order.

You can reach our customer experience team at for help with any order issue or request. We are here to help make sure you love our brand partners' products and the TapRm experience!

What if TapRm doesn't have my ordered item in stock?

If an item you ordered goes out of stock before your order is fulfilled, the TapRm team will reach out right away to either make a replacement suggestion or issue a refund for the item(s). All suggestions are made by our knowledgeable staff and will always be of similar taste and quality to original product. 

Please Note: Mixed Pack substitutions are slightly different than our single product out-of-stock process. The goal with the creation of a TapRm Mixed pack, is to give our customers a great variety of brews within a general theme. In the event that any of the products initially listed in the pack have gone out of stock, we will automatically provide a substitution, pre-chosen for that pack.

How do I enroll in TapRm Rewards?

Anyone with a TapRm account will be automatically enrolled in TapRm Rewards.  All Accounts made before the institution of the TapRm Rewards Program will already be enrolled. TapRm Rewards is only eligible for adults 21+. 

Do I need a TapRm account to join TapRm Rewards?

Yes, please create your TapRm account if you wish to start earning your rewards points. Each customer can only have one email address associated with their identity. Please remember to always log into your account before completing your order, to ensure the proper points will be awarded. 

Please Know: Multiple accounts tied to one customer are not permitted. If more than one account is found, the account will be suspended. The account may be reinstated once confirmation of a singular account associated email address has been given by the customer. TapRm will of course inform any customer of their account suspension to ensure a swift solution is provided.

If you are having trouble logging on, please reach out to to ensure all information on your account is correct.

How do I create a TapRm Account?

  • TapRm account activation is a 2 step process.
  • Please click the person Icon on the top right of the screen. If you do not already have an account, please click “create account”.  
  • From there, you can fill out the required information (remember: the email address used to create your account will be tied to the rewards program as well). 
  • Once all the requested information has been provided, click “create” you will then receive an email with a clickable link to “activate your account”. 
  • From there you can start earning your TapRm Rewards!

If you are having trouble logging on, please reach out to us at We will happily assist you. 

How do I earn points?

There are a number of ways to earn rewards points. These activities are viewable on the rewards dashboard. 

  • Account Creation 
  • Make a Purchase on our Website 
  • Post a Review on the Website - to write a review a purchase must first be made. No more than 50 reviews per account can be made per month. 
  • Big Birthday Bonus!! - Each customer can enter their birthday information in the activity dashboard. 
  • Share on Facebook - When your shared link has been clicked on, your account will receive points (limited to once per week)
  • Refer a Friend - each new referral will receive a reward of their own as long as they are a first time customer. 
  • Follow us on Instagram 

If you do not already have an account we would suggest creating one before your purchase to ensure you receive points immediately. 

How can I check the status of my rewards?

Please check rewards points by logging into your account on You can also email us at for account updates. 

What rewards am I eligible for?

The rewards are points based. Each eligible reward will become visible in your account dashboard once the corresponding points have been acquired. To redeem your reward simply click on the rewards box of your choosing and “confirm”. 

Please know: Some rewards are only available to select tiers. 

Can I Opt Out of the Rewards Program?

If you wish to stop earning rewards, you can opt out by clicking “profile” in your rewards dashboard. You may then click “cancel membership”. Our recommendation would be to use all your available points before completing your rewards cancellation. After cancellation, we will not be able to apply rewards retroactively. 

You are always welcome to rejoin the TapRm rewards program at any time, however, sign up points will not be awarded for rejoining. 

Do rewards points expire?

Your points will remain valid and available for redemption for 6 months from the date they are applied to your account. Points will expire after 6 months and will no longer be available to redeem for rewards after this period, so make sure to use them in time!

Is my tier upgrade permanent?

TapRm Rewards program is based on a period cycle of 6 months. Account tier statuses are reset at the beginning of every period, so the faster you earn a tier upgrade the longer you enjoy the benefits before the start of the next period. New period cycles begin on the 1st of January and June of every year.

Loss of rewards points

There are very few instances that will result in a loss of points. Each situation will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Rewards points will be deducted in the event that the account holder directly impacts the  failure of a delivery to be completed.

Please direct any questions regarding the TapRm rewards program to, and we will be happy to provide assistance. 

Do you do any events or programming with apartment buildings?

Yes! We offer beer for tastings and events at most of the apartment and condominium buildings in New York City. We also offer an exclusive monthly beer subscription club for residents of specific buildings. Please email to get your building set up.

Any other questions? Please don't hesitate to email us at

For Bars/Restaurants/Supermarkets

You can also send beer to bars, restaurants and supermarkets?

Yes! Our one of a kind e-commerce and distribution platform has the necessary licensing to sell our exclusive brands to all licensed retail re-sellers including bars, restaurants and supermarkets. You can find most of our exclusive products on the "TapRm Exclusive" page. Please reach out to for our product list including our inventory in kegs.

Where can you ship to and how much do you products cost?

We distribute to all five boroughs in New York City and occasionally deliver to accounts in Westchester and Long Island. Our delivery days are Tuesday and Thursday. The pricing on the site is for consumers. If you are representing bar, restaurant, supermarket or other licensed reseller, please email for pricing and additional information.

Any other questions? Please don't hesitate to email us at

For Brewers and Suppliers

How can I get my products on TapRm?

We are currently looking for new brand partners especially those that do not already have a New York City distributor and have a mindset and passion for e-commerce, digital marketing and consumer growth. Please reach out to for additional information. We will respond in the order each request is received, so please forgive us for any delay in getting back to you.

How do you work with brand partners?

For all our brand partners, we act as their full-service NYC distributor including sales and logistics to bars, restaurants, office and supermarkets. Additionally, we act as your e-commerce fulfillment arm including branded web pages, direct-to-consumer marketing and fulfillment/delivery to anyone in the state of New York.

Please reach out to for additional information. 

Can I just sell my products online with TapRm?

Yes, as long as you have existing distribution in the Brooklyn area, we will work with your brand only online to sell to your consumers across New York. While the level of consumer data sharing and marketing activities are much more limited relative to our fully distributed brand partners, we would love to help you reach your consumers and build your community online.

Please reach out to for additional information.